Professional Athletes?!

Things irritate me,,,

A player comes into the training room 30 minutes before meeting, complains about something, grabs ice bag (since he does not have a time to do any other treatments), never comes back for treatments after that, and complains about whatever the injury he had two days later during practice.
Hello? Where the hell have you been?

A player comes to get some treatments he wants (usually massage or passive treatment, such as stretch, ice and e-stim), but he does not perform any kinds of therapeutic exercise we told him to do. OK, if you keep doing that, you may feel better temporarily at that time, but you will never actually get better. I am welcome to do some work with you on game day or for maintenance once in a while, but I am tired of seeing or massaging same guy everyday. I am tired of telling what you are supposed to do, too. I mean, EVERYDAY, 7 days a week (sometimes twice a day) since training camp started.

Some of the guys don't get it.
Do you think making millions of dollars are that easy?
Hell, NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Work hard and show me some professionalism.
Don't you feel some responsibility in yourself?
I am tired of being nice, being like your babysitter, and seeing you acting pussy.
(sorry for my language)
Grow up and be a professional football player!

By the way, 95% of the players are decent guys.
I just cannot stand few guys in the team.
I have been irritated and frustrated, so I have to write it out.

by hiroisu | 2006-09-28 21:08 | Diary

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